Monday, April 23, 2012

Video Race Experience

I really like video races, so of course I liked this!

I decided to do a kind of social experiment with my 1min using the pack of film gels. I took out my camera (not allowed...right) and got footage of a night in my apartment.

As usual, I dragged my boyfriend into this adventure and we both taped a film gel to our forehead. We were just wondering if we could get everyone else to do the same thing, and wanted to see what the reactions would be. At first people were bewildered and excited about the whole thing and jumped to put one on their forehead. Then they thought about it and were FREAKING OUT about why I was doing this, and a lot of them ripped it off. One of my favorite parts was when we asked this guy if he wanted one and he said no a couple times. But once this girl he had been talking to said yes, he jumped for the chance to get one himself.

After shooting all of this, I went to my computer and edited it down to 1min. I got the audio cut together, and then started to plan out my animation sequence. We shot it with an iPhone and had it up on a sling type device that my boyfriend fashioned, hanging from the kitchen ceiling.

Making the animation sequence took a long time! We tried to do 5fps, and had to continually go back to the audio, to make sure each "person" was speaking at the right time. After this, I edited it together and.... finished!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

3d shoot

I had a lot of fun doing the 3d shoot. Not just shooting it, but putting the work into creating the set was pretty awesome.

I think the best part about designing the set was probably having to think about what would look best in 3d. We tried to play with the depth of our set (which consisted of mostly buildings) and made a path for our sea monster to walk through (to terrorize this city).

A lot of the work was a little tedious, mostly because I spent my time coloring in windows for all of these buildings. But I think the final effect will hopefully be worth it. Also, creating the sea monster costume was pretty interesting, since we had to fit some sort of cardboard "outfit" over Chris and have him able to be semi-functionable inside of it (one of the biggest problems we had was him being able to see).

As for the actual shoot, we planned everything out pretty well prior to that night. We were the last group to go (which unfortunately left us with cleaning up after the other groups), but going late at night gave it a nice relaxed atmosphere. We set everything up and it all went pretty smoothly from there.

Monday, April 2, 2012

"What is your rough theater?"

The thing I liked best about this article, is that it brings to light the point that sometimes "perfection" isn't what you might think it is.

So in a "rough theater" type of place, you might have a MUCH better time than going to some sort of fancy commercial theater with so-called perfection of the giant screen and comfy chairs, etc. *Ahem, my opinion.

Well, I definitely agree with this. In order to relate this to film, you might say that a blockbuster commercial hit may be able to appeal to everyone with its special effects and all those bells and whistles. And maybe you'd see this movie in a theater in front of the big screen with thousands of strangers. But my favorite way to see a movie is to be at home with my roommates and make my own popcorn *a little bit less expensive too!* and be able to comment whenever we would like. I think the appeal of this, for me, is being able to focus on the "entertainment" of the piece rather than making sure to be polite and all of that.

I think a "rough theater" just gives off that feeling of being more free-spirited, more local and intimate, and a better experience. On the opposite end, the big commercial movies and theaters are run by the big-businesses and it is usually pretty clear that they are in it for the money (there is no arguing against this - how many sequels have been made this year?! ugh.). So anyway, the "rough theater" has that local and personal appeal, where you don't feel cheated by a system. Pretty cool.

My Experience: The Saturday Shoot

The Saturday shoot was one of my favorite activities so far this semester (falling short to the pinhole camera). I loved being able to work with new people and get to know everyone a little better.

At first, I might have been a little nervous to have all of the responsibility on the class rather than the professor, but I think this was for the best, since in the "real world" you don't always have somebody to tell you step-by-step what to do.

I think that everyone (myself included) was a little anxious at the beginning, and maybe not very excited to be working for a class project on a Saturday afternoon. But after a little bit of chaos, everyone finally got organized and out the door. Once we started working together, everything kind of fell into place. For me, the Saturday shoot quickly turned into a great weekend rather than a group project.

The shoot definitely created some sort of confidence among everyone. Without any guidance, you had to become Shooting with film and using all kinds of equipment that already is a little daunting was fun to learn in a group setting. Like I've said, once everyone started to work with one another, it became much easier.

This is what I captured when I was running between the first two groups :)

Friday, March 30, 2012

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Assn 1 experiences

I think during the "assignment 1" I learned a lot about cameraless filmmaking. I think it really comes down to thinking that cameraless filmmaking has no rules. You just get to try out different things and find out what effect it might have on the film.

It was actually the first time I've ever developed any film, which was fun. So I think I liked the rayogram part best. Just because it was something I would never have thought about outside of this class.

I also liked doing the magazine transfers, as I had never heard of that before either. I thought that looked really cool when it was projected - especially if there is some sort of pattern within the images.

When we finished assignment one and projected it in class, it was interesting to see how it turned out. I was always surprised by how short it took to get through all the film. When you see all of the film in front of you, it is hard to think of how fast the images will go by. I did like doing the animation part of the assignment. Like I said, it went by really fast, but I was happy that I saw at least one of my animations of this spinning kind of wheel turn out pretty well.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Sound Response

I liked reading about the concept of audiovisual illusion. When you have only the audio or only the visual of a film (or anything else), it can project a whole different tone or idea. But with sound and image coming together, you can create something powerful and "real." Without audio, many movies would not seem complete (to me).

As mentioned in the article "Projections of sound on image," Alfred Hitchcock in Psycho used this "anempathetic" sound to wind down from the murder scene.
Psycho - Shower Scene

What you say about an image brings meaning to it. So much of our attention is directed to something merely because of what someone might say. Words can express the meaning of a piece, whereas music can express feelings. It's interesting just how important sound is to our lives and how much information can be transferred because of it.

As a side note - here is my favorite use of sound in Bob Fosse's All That Jazz